Technical Mechanical Drawing Reading Course

The Technical Mechanical Drawing Reading Course aims to acquire basic knowledge of technical drawing, so that you can well interpret and understand drawings that are used in production and for product quality control. The course starts from 0, no basic knowledge related to drawing reading and mathematics is needed. At the end of the course you will be able to read and understand mechanical drawing.

Technical Drawing, Mechanical Drawing and Industrial Drawing are the same thing, they are just alternative ways of calling the same discipline of reading drawing.

Itaforma mechanical drawing reading course

Technical Drawing Reading Course

The Technical Drawing Reading Course training course, is aimed at those who are approaching technical drawing for the first time, it is essential to build the necessary foundation for the work of mechanical draftsman, design technician, to be able to manage production activities, carry out firsthand mechanical workshop operations, manage the programming of production machines, etc.

Reading, understanding, and interpreting technical drawings enables effective operation in the construction of finished and functioning products. It is necessary and of paramount importance in companies to have professionals on staff who can read the mechanical drawings produced by the engineering department.

Industrial design reading course Itaforma

Industrial Design Reading Course

During the Industrial Design Reading Course, students will be given the opportunity to study mechanical drawings of practical cases brought by professors or by the students themselves related to their own work.

Reading, understanding, and interpreting technical drawings enables effective operation in the construction of finished, working products. 

The student will be given the course kit, which consists of notepad, pen, pencil, eraser and file with theoretical manual reading drawing.

Itaforma mechanical technical drawing reading course

Course Program for Mechanical Drawing Reading

Detailed Program Course for Mechanical Drawing Reading:

- Standards of technical drawing, unified sheet format, scroll, scales of representation and units of measurement.

- Types of representation: orthogonal projections, axonometric projections, views and sections; detail and assembly drawings. Texts, lines and thicknesses.

- Dimension lines and UNI standards, measurement and reference lines, centers and centerlines; distribution, arrangement and legibility of dimensions within views. Classification of dimensions according to use.

- ISO system of geometric tolerances and dimensional tolerances, errors and deviations; classification of tolerances. Finishing, surface roughness and representation symbology.

- Types of couplings (with clearance, uncertain, with interference), base shaft and base bore couplings. Control of tolerated dimensions and measurement techniques using measuring instruments (meter, caliper, micrometer, protractor, etc.).

- Classification, types of connections and their representation. Generalities and symbologies of welding, keys and keys, splined shafts, threaded connections, screws and bolts, pins, shaft-hub shrinkage.

- Characteristics and properties of metallic materials, strength tests, hints on heat treatments.

- Practical exercises in reading and dimensioning mechanical parts and working drawings.

Itaforma technical drawing reading course

Objectives Courses for reading mechanical drawing

Our mechanical drawing reading courses aim to provide the necessary foundation for reading, interpreting and executing technical drawing. You will be able to read technical drawing and be able to understand and extrapolate technical manufacturing information through the reading of industrial drawings.

The Mechanical drawing reading course is also recommended for those who want to start a course of study in the field to industrial design and who want to learn how to use CNC - CAD - Autocad drawing software.

Target audience Technical drawing reading course

The technical drawing reading course is ideal for blue-collar workers, production workers, toolmakers, testers, fitters, metalworkers, mechanical adjusters, warehouse staff, mechanics, shop floor technicians, machinery and equipment programmers, CAD design clerks, technical office clerks, purchasing office clerks, carpenters, pipefitters, mechanics, welders, sales office clerks, salespeople, technicians, maintenance workers, Vocational schools and colleges, repair workers, architects, surveyors, metalworkers, construction, erection and plant companies, students, unemployed, companies, etc.

Itaforma Mechanical Drawing Reading Course


Certificate and Certification of Course Reading Mechanical Drawing

The student will undergo a final examination and will be given a Certificate - Certificate of Participation in the Mechanical Drawing Reading Course with details of the course program taken.

Teachers of the Technical Drawing Reading Course

Teachers of the technical drawing reading course are engineers, workshop leaders and technical experts, true professionals with many years of work and training experience in mechanical drawing.

Skills acquired during the course Reading Industrial Design.

Ability to understand, interpret and read industrial drawing, usable in various work contexts, quotations, material purchasing, production, assembly, company quality control, etc.

Requirements for entering the Technical Drawing Reading Course.

The technical drawing reading course starts from 0 and no special knowledge of basic mathematics and mechanical drawing is required.

Itaforma mechanical drawing reading

Price, duration and mode of attendance of the Mechanical Drawing Reading Course

The price of the mechanical drawing reading course depends on which mode you choose:

- Classroom Lessons for Individuals: Mechanical drawing reading course 21 hours 490€

- Lessons At Companies: Full Mechanical Drawing Reading Course 21 hours - custom-designed course program, with days and times to be agreed with company.

Mode and frequency of lectures Classroom Technical Drawing Reading Course:

The course starts when the minimum number of students is reached; call to find out when the course nearest you starts. 

Breakdown of the total number of hours of the Mechanical Drawing Reading Course:

- Technical Drawing Reading Course for Companies: takes place in 3/6 working days, to be arranged with the Company. 

- Weekend Technical Drawing Reading Course for Individuals: held on 3 Saturdays of 7 hours in 1 month.

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Locations of the Industrial Design Reading Course

We conduct Industrial Drawing Reading courses in all regions of Italy and in different Cities upon reaching enrollment numbers, call to find out when the course closest to you starts. At our main locations in Milan and Syracuse, the technical drawing reading course is always available and you can enroll whenever you want.

Mechanical Drawing Reading Course Milan - Lombardy

We conduct the Mechanical Drawing Reading Course in Lombardy also in the following cities

Mechanical Drawing Reading Course Monza - Bergamo - Cremona - Lecco - Como - Varese - Lodi - Pavia - Piacenza

Mechanical Drawing Reading Course Turin - Piedmont

Mechanical Drawing Reading Course Veneto

We conduct the Mechanical Drawing Reading Course in Veneto in the following Cities in Venice - Mestre - Treviso - Padua - Rovigo - Vicenza

Mechanical Drawing Reading Course Syracuse - Sicily

We conduct the Mechanical Drawing Reading Course in Sicily including Catania, Messina, Palermo, Agrigento, Caltanissetta, Enna, Trapani, Ragusa, Gela, Milazzo.

Job openings for those who can read mechanical drawing

The Mechanical Drawings Reading Course is essential to properly perform mechanical machining, metalworking assembly operations, plant and machinery maintenance, mechanical product quality control, management and supervision of work orders, warehouse management and organization to support production, understanding drawings at the quotation stage, interpretation of technical drawings by the purchasing department, etc.

The course on how to read technical drawing, will enable you to master terminology, rules and techniques for reading and interpreting technical mechanical drawing. You will address techniques and principles for understanding and creating industrial mechanical drawings in the detail and assembly drawing. You will be able to read technical drawing in order to understand and interpret the activities to be carried out in the creation of mechanical machining parts.


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