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Welding Courses with release of welding license

We carry out professional Welding Courses, our welding School is one of the best in Europe, our training program has the highest quality.

Each welding course is aimed at a maximum of 5 people, all of whom are followed by the instructor almost individually. The course aims to train real welders so they can pass the final skill exam to obtain the International Welding License.
Today because of the new welding procedures of the companies, any welder in good standing must hold a welding license.

The welder is one of the most sought after professions in the job market, hundreds of metalworking companies are constantly looking for qualified and certified welders.
Our welding courses takes place in our workshop in Italy, we will provide you with free bedroom and boarding for the duration of the course.

Watch the video of one of our students during the Welding Course

Our Professional Welding Courses:

Electrode welding course

80 hours in 15 days

TIG welding Course

80 hour in 15 days

TIG and Electrode Welding course

140 hour in 30 days

Continuous wire welding Course

100 hours in 20 days

Submerged Arc welding Course

100 hours in 20 days

Steel Industrial Carpenter training course

Industrial pipe layer Course

Training course

For Crane, Gantries, Forklift truck and Lifting and Lifting platform track operators.

ItaForma | Welding School | Scuola ItaForma | Corso Saldatura

Our courses are used to take the International Welding License
that is worldwide recognised.

The license is issued by the Iternational Welding Institute.
Our Welding School is home to the important event of the welding Olympics.

Become a real Welder

Our welding courses are practical courses, whose purpose is to truly allow you to learn the profession of welding, it doesn’t take place in the classroom, but in a mechanical workshop and among iron workbenches. 
You can sign up for it even if you have never had any welding experience before. 

You will start from scratch and we will assure that you will become a qualified welder at the end of our course and be able to put yourself in the job market without any fear.

ItaForma | Welder Course | Scuola ItaForma | Corso Saldatura

Find a Job as a Welder

Welding is used in various metalworking sectors, and in particular in construction and assembling.

Welding is used in the construction of high pressure systems (tanks, exchangers, reactors, etc.), for the construction of carpentries, iron structures, planes, ships, trains, cars, food machinery, etc.

There are many applications and companies that need welders in their production processes. Italian companies, in most cases, require you to hold a welding license before being hired as a welder, as it is essential to guarantee the welder’s expertise.

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Welding License

At the end of the course, a commission of examiners will submit the welding product created during the final skill test exam to the breaking test with a press or a series of radiographs will be performed on the piece, which would detect the presence of defects on the welds made.

In these types of exams, there are no chances of personal recommendations that will assist in the end result, it will only be through the preparation you will acquire during the course that will allow you to pass the test and receive the International Welding License.

Our school provides the trainee with the necessary equipment such as PPE (personal protection equipment), overalls, safety shoes, gloves, glasses, mask and apron.

During the course hours, the students will have at their disposal all the necessary equipment for the welding process (workbenches, welding machines, positioners, lathes, cutters, grinders).

Welding License

When does the Welding Course take place?

You can attend our welding courses in our Italian base, a real life engineering workshop, do not worry if you are not from the area, we will provide  you with free bedroom, travel, movements and boarding for the duration of the course. 

The course lasts about one month and the number of hours per lessons depends on which type of welding you choose, from a minimum of 80 hours, up to 240 hours for the most comprehensive course. 

When you finish the welding course, we will arrange for you to take the final welding exam to receive the International Welding License.

Course for welder

Electrode Welding Course

The Coated Electrode Welding Course (SMAW or MMA) is the course that makes you become a qualified electrode welder. Electrode welding is currently the most common welding procedure in the world, widely used for metal constructions and carpentries. 

During the procedure an electric arc is produced between a shielded electrode and the piece to be welded, the drops of molten metal from the electrode are transferred to the weld pool and the gases produced by the shield protects it from the atmosphere. It has low equipment costs, greater versatility of use, also ideal for welding on outdoor construction sites. 

It allows for you to weld almost all ferrous materials, but has a low productivity since the electrode must be replaced often and the final product has to be cleaned from the slag formed during the process.

The electrode welding course lasts 80 hours in 15 days and takes place in our workshop in Italy, we will provide you with free bedroom and boarding for the duration of the course.

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Electrode welding course

Continuous Wire Welding Course

Our Mig Mag Continuous Wire Welding Course makes you a truly qualified welder. Continuous wire welding, also called MIG (Metal-arc Inert Gas) or MAG (Metal-arc Active Gas), in America with the GMAW Code, is a welding procedure in which the protection of the weld pool is ensured by a gas cover. 

It is a welding process developed after the Second World War and has taken on an important role in the world of engineering. Continuous wire welding is an economic procedure, very productive and it doesn’t produce any slag. 

The wire welding machine is more expensive than the electrode welding machine, but has a higher production yield, as the welding has a greater penetration and requires a smaller amount of wipes for filling the joint. Wire welding is recommended in a workshop or in protected environments, as the wind could disperse the protective gas necessary for a quality weld joint. 

Continuous wire welding is widely used in the construction of tanks, structures, heavy carpentry, ships, trains, planes, cars, construction.

Our wire welding course lasts 100 hours in 20 days and takes place in our workshop in Italy, we will provide you with free bedroom and boarding for the duration of the course.

Continuous wire welding course

TIG Welding Course

Our TIG Welding Course (GTAW) is a course where you learn two welding procedures, both with Electrode and TIG, you will become an Argonist Welder, which is one of the most important and best paid professions in the metalworking industry. 

TIG welding allows you to weld almost all ferrous and non-ferrous materials, it produces high quality welds without any slag. 
It is a more expensive process than other welds, but of highest quality. Ideal for workshop welding and closed environments, not suitable for outdoor construction sites. 

TIG welding is an arc welding procedure with an infusible electrode under inert gas protection, which can be performed with or without filler metal. TIG welding is one of the most popular methods, it requires highly specialized operators.

Our TIG welding course lasts 80 hours in 15 days and takes place in our workshop in Italy, we will provide you with free bedroom and boarding for the duration of the course.

ItaForma | TIG Welding Course | Scuola ItaForma | Corso Saldatura


Welding is the process of joining two pieces to form one piece. Welding can take place through different procedures and machinery, based on the specifications required by the project.

Before carrying out a weld, the essential crimping activity must be carried out, i.e. the preparation of the 2 edges of the joint to be welded together. 
If the two edges of the joint are heated to the point of merging with each other with the contribution of a homogeneous material, it is called Autogenous Welding, while if a heterogeneous filler material is melted on the two edges of the joint, it is called Heterogeneous Welding. 

For a perfect weld, the joint to be welded must be protected from oxidation and slag, through oxygen deprivation. For more complex welding jobs, heat treatment is normally carried out, which removes the internal stresses due to the cooling of the post-welding piece. 

The new welding machines allow to weld many materials: steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, etc. Welding may have defects and may have been caused by various factors: by the welder, by the materials used, or by the techniques carried out. Among the various welding defects we have: Engravings, cracks, gluing, blowing, porosity, lack of penetration, etc.

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