TIG Welding Course

TIG Welding Course

TIG Welding Course - our welding course is very practical and technical, you become a real licensed welder capable of performing very high quality welds for metalworking companies. The course starts from 0 and in an intensive month of welding you will learn how to perform TIG welding on different materials and in a variety of positions.

The course takes place in a real metal workshop, you are followed step by step by our qualified and certified welding instructors and inspectors, who will prepare you to pass the TIG Welding License exam according to UNI EN ISO 9606 and UNI EN 287 Certification. At the end of the welding course, we will issue you the License and make our services available to you to help you find a job in a metalworking company.

TIG Welder Course

Our TIG Welding Course program is very comprehensive, all hours of welding, designed down to the smallest detail to make you a high-quality welder, in fact you will start by welding sheet metal and then move on to pipe, use different materials and weld in multiple positions (standing, kneeling, lying on the floor, right and left handed, etc.), so you will be well prepared for future welding job requests you will receive from your boss at work.

The course is very practical, during the course while you are welding, the instructor will give you the theoretical knowledge you need, explaining and letting you try the difference between the materials to be welded, of the electrodes to be used and will show you the welding techniques, asking you to replicate them. We conduct TIG Welding Courses in several Italian Provinces, call our office and we will tell you when the one closest to you starts.

TIG Welding School

Our Welding School is called ITAFORMA is one of the most important and recognized in Italy, in the last 30 years of welding courses we have trained several hundred welders working around the world. We collaborate with major Italian metal-mechanical companies to train welders to work in production.

So many trainees come from all over Italy to take our TIG welding courses, they choose our Welding School knowing that they have the best possible training, the most concrete and practical, the closest to the needs of the labor market. The TIG welding courses, last about a month and we arrange everything for you, even room and board for the duration of the course.

TIG welding

TIG Welding, is a fusion welding process, autogenous, electric arc strikes between the infusible electrode, which is under gaseous protection, and the material to be welded. The TIG electrode is made of tungsten, a material with a high melting temperature. The TIG welding process can be: manual (controlled by the welder), semi-automatic (controlled by the machine while the welder moves the electrode along the weld), automatic (all operations are carried out by the Robot).

TIG welding is a low-production but very high-quality process, used mainly for small thicknesses. All types of metals and nonmetals can be welded by using a rod as filler material or even, thanks to the highly concentrated energy arc, only by placing the two ends to be welded side by side, without using filler material.

Find out how we work

Watch a video of the training at one of our locations in Italy.

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TIG Welder License

The main objective of our course is to make our trainees become real licensed and certified welders, in fact at the end of the course, we issue the TIG Welding License according to UNI EN ISO 9606 and UNI EN 287 Certification. The Welding License is the most important certification a welder can have, as it certifies his skills and the quality of his welding.

For many metalworking jobs, it is required by law that the welder have a Welding License, and almost all European companies, in order to hire a welder, require that he or she already have the License. Receiving the Patent is not a simple matter; in fact, one must take a welding exam in front of a welding inspector from a nationally recognized Certifying Body. The welds made during the exam, are tested visually, radiographically and by breaking the welded joint. There are no recommendations, only upon successful completion of the test, the License is issued, so you need to choose a highly trained welding course that will make you achieve this important goal.

Reviews of our trainees:

Lorenzo Mazzarino
Lorenzo MazzarinoWelder
Read More
I took both the Tig and Electrode Welding course and the Wire Welding course, and found a very welcoming environment with very knowledgeable Instructors who followed me step by step until I obtained both licenses, which were issued following examinations by an external examiner, with visual testing and radiography of the specimen. At the end of the course I was helped in my job search and was provided with over 130 names of firms in the carpentry industry scattered throughout Italy. What can I say, better than this cannot be expected. I sincerely thank all the staff of Scuola di Saldatura Sicilia P. S. Before starting the course I had never welded before now I feel ready to work as a welder even in specialized companies.
Angelo Perticone
Angelo PerticoneWelder
Read More
Excellent and professional!!!
A guarantee for those who want to enter the working world. Great facility, great staff.
Adry Marco
Adry Marco
Read More
I recently finished the welding course where I achieved a preparation that I never expected to achieve in such a short time...and all this thanks to the professionalism of the staff that includes the administrative, organizational and the practical part where a great instructor is part who in addition to teaching the work itself by making you try and try again in different ways and conditions each time manages to encourage you and give you advice creating a great relationship between student and instructor. I highly recommend it.
Marco Leti
Marco Leti
Read More
Really good welding school, really knowledgeable and very patient instructors who follow you step by step throughout the course. I got no less than 2 licenses issued by IIS and I am preparing for the third one. Quiet, family and friendly environment!
Mino Paldi
Mino Paldi
Read More
Excellent school, in just one week I managed to get my license. It was 8 hours a day very intense and tiring,but they manage to bring you to the desired goal. I come from Calabria in the province of Cosenza. I did not have any problem for a place to sleep or eat, I got off the train I was picked up taken to one of their houses at their disposal, for the duration of the course and even more. The training they pass on to you is not just to know how to weld, but to already know how to work in our chosen field! Excellent experience,I look forward to returning for more goals.
John Bonvento
John Bonvento
Read More
These were fundamental days spent in this institute where one grows so much in professional and personal spheres, above all it is all managed in the utmost professionalism, helpfulness and kindness
Gaetano Grillo
Gaetano GrilloCarpenter
Read More
I took the course for the continuous wire license and I had a great time with the instructor who follows you step by step, great facility and everything.When you get out of there you are ready for the working world. I recommend it.
John Horse
John Horse
Read More
You start with so much passion and you never want to finish 😁 you create a beautiful relationship like a family. There is to add that you are very professional in everything.... I started from scratch and now I have arrived as an all-around Argonist. Who wants to start a course as a welding I recommend it 👍
Joseph Di Lorenzo
Joseph Di Lorenzo
Read More
Excellent school, the preparation is excellent, the staff knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. Always updating environment and perfect for individual growth in the world of welding. Highly recommended!
Joseph Midolo
Joseph Midolo
Read More
The school gives you all the tools you need to learn the welding trade at its best, the instructors follow you step by step with sympathy and helpfulness. Excellent school I highly recommend it.
Davide Grassia
Davide GrassiaCarpenter welder
Read More
I thank the Itaforma school for their great helpfulness and professionalism. I thank the instructors for being excellent teachers and professionals in welding of all kinds, preparing me if only in a few days to improve and perfect my techniques and bring me to the prepared exam. Exam passed with excellent results. Fantastic experience. Thank you
Antonio Picconi
Antonio PicconiMetalworker
Read More
Excellent school, very knowledgeable instructors who are passionate about their work, I had excellent reception and I was very happy.
Simone Piccini
Simone PicciniCompany
Read More
Excellent School, the courses have high added value, they were very professional for the courses to our company.
Sebastian Matarese
Sebastian Matarese
Read More
Hello everyone, I would like to share my experience of the course. Excellent training, very qualified and helpful staff, followed constantly for any clarification or difficulty. I recommend it 100%
Assan Sane
Assan SaneEditor
Read More
I took this welding course and became a licensed welder. I recommend this school to everyone.
Antonia Tripoldi
Antonia Tripoldi
Read More
We had the pleasure of enrolling in the Itaforma Welding School one of our beneficiaries, from Ghana, Issa Emmanuel who has, attended the course and also obtained his license. Issa got along very well with the highly qualified staff and although he did not speak our language very well, he had the opportunity to be tutored by an English-speaking assistant. We are very pleased with the outcome and the highly educational experience. ExSprar/Siproimi Meeting Center of Carlopoli (CZ)
Stephen Zaru
Stephen Zaru
Read More
Experienced staff,I started from scratch,with very good results in just one month,with commitment and perseverance you get to the predetermined goal,I licensed tig-electrode,I recommend ITA FORMA really a good school 😀
Christian Bazzano
Christian Bazzano
Read More
I recently got my license from scratch excellent school and above all highly qualified staff and always available to people.
Tony Piediscalzi
Tony PiediscalziCompany
Read More
Excellent welding school in addition to enriching my knowledge and training as a welder, I met real instructors who were patient and ready to explain the different welding passes and much more. Excellent.
Aldo Wef
Aldo WefWelder
Read More
Professional school, with IIS Qualifications trained instructors, very helpful for everything.
Joseph Aloisi
Joseph AloisiCompany
Read More
I congratulate this Welding School, I had a chance to see their trainee welders at work in the field of ship welding. Good and well prepared
Fabrizio Polizzi
Fabrizio Polizzi
Read More
Very good school, very good instructors who really passed on a lot to me, making me grow in everything and preparing me the best. Recommended.
Patrik Melini
Patrik MeliniWelder
Read More
Great school, qualified staff and unbeatable prices for the quality of the course they offer you!!!
Kazi Ashikur Rahman
Kazi Ashikur Rahman
Read More
I took this welding course and became a licensed welder. I recommend these schools👍 to everyone.
Salvo Mazzeo
Salvo Mazzeo
Read More
Excellent school, very professional, very patient instructors even those who start from scratch manage to become good welders
Lauralena Iacieri
Lauralena IacieriCompany
Read More
My company hired 2 welders who were trained at this School. They are doing very well.
Matthew Mascoli
Matteo MascoliCompany
Read More
Hello I am a mechanical engineer, I know this school well. I recommend it to those who want to become a very good welder and to metal companies who are looking for professional and licensed welders.
Evolving Domus Arsenal
Evolving Domus Arsenal
Read More
As for welding courses to our employees, we have been relying on Solar Power for years, and we can say that we have always been satisfied with their professionalism.
Andrea Dittadi
Andrea Dittadi
Read More
I took a course a couple of years ago and I recommend their welding courses. Very professional.

Find a Job as a TIG Welder

With our TIG welding course, you become a true qualified TIG welder, which is one of the most in-demand welders in the job market, as it is widely used by engineering companies that build pipelines, piping, waterworks, oil and gas pipelines, refineries, food, pharmaceutical and energy plant construction, etc.

Many companies ask the TIG welder who can also weld by electrode, this makes him an Argonist welder, which is the prince of welders, the most in demand and best paid. Our Welding School, conducts the Argonist course (you learn to weld and get TIG + Electrode welding license 140 hours).

Collaborations and Partnerships

We work with more than 1,500 Metalworking Companies in Europe with whom we put you in touch as soon as you finish the course to find work immediately.

During the Tig Welding Course, you will learn how to weld with different techniques

The trainee during our TIG welding course, learns different techniques and positions of welding execution:

TIG welding in the flat position

TIG welding in vertical upward position

TIG welding in Sopratesta position

TIG welding of 45° inclined tube

TIG welding in the frontal position

TIG welding in vertical descending position.

The Tig Welder's Torch

During the TIG Welding course, you will learn how to use the welding flashlight as if it were an extension of your hand. TIG flashlights are available in a variety of sizes and formats, either because they can hold electrodes of different diameters (and withstand correspondingly different current intensities), or because special geometries or small sizes may be needed for welding in cramped quarters or particular positions. Precisely for the latter case, flashlights with an articulated head are also available.

Advantages and Disadvantages of TIG Welding

Advantages of TIG Welding

- Almost all kinds of ferrous and nonferrous materials can be welded
- High weld quality
- Can be used in all welding positions
- Does not produce slag.

Disadvantages of TIG Welding

- Reduced bath protection compared with other welding processes
- Sensitive to drafts
- High cost of protective gases
- Low productivity
- Technique difficult to learn

Typical Defects in TIG Welding

Tungsten inclusions

Oxidation of the reverse bead

Gas inclusions, due to poor cleaning of the flaps and incorrect movement of the flashlight and wand

Protective gas contamination

Tungsten and Current Used for TIG Welding

The electrode used for the TIG welding process is called Tungsten, and there are four types:

Pure tungsten electrodes

Tungsten electrodes with added thorium oxide

Tungsten electrodes with zirconium added

Tungsten electrodes with tungsten strips Thori

Current, depending on the material to be welded, GTAW can be used in either direct or alternating current.

TIG welder

For TIG welding, the same Electrode welder is used, but the poles must be reversed.
The TIG welder consists of a generator-inverter, TIG flashlight (torch) and Argon gas cylinder. There are complete welding machines on the market that enable Tig-Electrode and Mig-Mag welding.

Essential components for TIG welding are:  

Flashlight, with tungsten electrode and inert gas nozzle;

Power generator, with possible trigger system;

Pressure reducer, flow meter and economizer for inert gas;

Power and ground cables;

Possible wand of filler material;

Possible water cooling circuit for the flashlight.

Many of these components (economizer, flow meter, cooling water pump) are often contained within the generator frame and are operated by the welder or operator using controls on the front panel.
During the Tig welding course, you learn how to handle, operate, and maintain and clean all components.

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Tig Welding Features

The inert gas arc welding process with an infusible tungsten electrode (called TIG, from the English name "TUNGSTEN INERT GAS") is a welding process whose heat necessary to melt the flaps and any filler material is produced by an electric arc that strikes between an electrode that does not wear out and the workpiece.

Considering the particular stability of the arc, the small size of the heat source, and the possibility of using without depositing filler material, the GTAW process is widely used for making high-quality joints on materials sensitive to heating imposed by welding (Cr-Mo steels for high-temperature use, stainless steels, nonferrous alloys), especially for making the first pass.

On the other hand, given the limited productivity (with the exception of some automatic versions), the process is rarely used to perform filling of thick joints. Our Tig welding course, is practical and theoretical at the same time.

All of our Metalworking Courses

Choose the course that best suits your business needs

Electrode Welder Course

Complete MMA SMAW 80h practice + 20h theory | 15 days

Basic Electrode Welder Course

MMA SMAW course 40h practice + 10h theory | 1 week

Continuous Wire Welding Course

Full Mig Mag 100h practice + 25h theory | 20 days

Basic continuous wire welder course

Mig Mag course 40h practice + 10h theory | 1 week

TIG Welder Course

Full GTAW 80h practice + 20h theory | 15 days

Basic TIG Welder Course

GTAW course 40h practice + 10h theory | 1 week

Electrode + Tig Welder Course

140h practice + 30h theory | 30 days

Electrode + Continuous Wire Welder Course

180h practice + 40h theory | 35 days

Tig + Wire Welder Course

180h practice + 40h theory | 35 days

Electrode + TIG + Continuous Wire Welder Course

240h practice + 60h theory | 45 days
(the most comprehensive course)

Carpenter Fitter Course

140h practice + 30h theory | 30 days

Industrial Tubist Course

140h practice + 30h theory

Our courses are held in intensive daytime mode, throughout the year,
Monday through Friday, 8 hours a day of practice/welding.

Our courses are held in intensive daytime mode, throughout the year, Monday through Friday, 8 hours a day of practice/welding.


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