Free Metalworking Courses - Free Welder Course

Free courses in Mechanical Engineering

ITAFORMA trainees participating in a course for Welder, Tubist or Carpenter,
have our free theory courses available.

Free courses are very useful and necessary for those who want to work in Metalworking,
as well as benefit you in your job search.
These are our free courses exclusively for Itaforma trainees.

Technical Drawing Reading Course

Free Technical Drawing Reading Course

Reading, understanding, and interpreting technical drawings enables effective operation in the construction of finished, working products.

AWP Course - Mobile Work Platform

Free AWP Course - Mobile Work Platform

Course for Workers Employed in the Operation of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (AWP) with and without outriggers.

Forklift Truck Course

Free course forklift - forklift truck

Course for the safe use of forklift - industrial self-propelled forklift.

Occupational Safety and PPE Course

Free Course on Occupational Safety and PPE

The course includes the study of regulations related to the topic of safety and the assessment of various business risks.

Fire Fighting Course

Free Fire Fighting Course

The course trains workers to know how to implement fire prevention measures of evacuation of workplaces in case of serious and immediate fire danger in the company.

First Aid Course

Free First Aid Course

The course provides the appropriate knowledge needed to manage an on-farm medical emergency and assist the casualty until emergency responders arrive.

Corso Carroponte

Free Crane Course

Course for workers in the use of overhead cranes - overhead crane.

Work in Confined Spaces Course

Free Course Work in Confined Spaces

Confined Environments are confined spaces characterized by obstructive entrances and exits (commonly called "manholes"), with potential pollutant gases or contaminated air present within them.

Scaffolding Course

Free Scaffolding Course

The course is aimed at acquiring the proper operating techniques to safely perform scaffold erection/disassembly and transformation activities.

Upon completion of the course, a certificate of attendance from our School on the above courses will be issued.


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